Happy Clients 🙂


“Working with Lisa has been a game-changer. As a freelance illustrator, I work alone a lot. Sometimes I’d have trouble knowing what I should focus on from day to day: self promotion, emails to clients, skill-building, client projects, or personal projects? And what even did self promotion look like?? I’d bounce from thing to thing, spending energy on anxiety. Lisa changed that. She could look at what I was trying to achieve and break down my schedule into clear, manageable pieces, freeing up brain-space for projects that were important to me. She encouraged me to send emails I was nervous about sending, and the result is that I have strong creative connections I would not have otherwise had.  Our meetings were tailored to my specific needs, and I discovered that Lisa was ready to tackle even issues of motivation and confidence. Her enthusiasm about my progress every time we met was infectious, and between that encouragement and her clear, careful planning, I have been able my own way forward.”

— Kati, Illustrator


“I can’t recommend Lisa enough. She has single-handedly rebranded my business and helped organize my life. She designed the most perfect website for my career which brought me tons of clients. I would be a complete mess without her!

— Kayla, Hairstylist


“I’m the type of artist who likes to focus as much time and energy as humanly possible on developing my craft and creating. Unfortunately for people like me, we no longer live in a time when rich patrons of the arts will pay to house, feed, & generally support creators so they can dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to the practice of making art. Today, independent artists have to be as much entrepreneurs as they are creators, which requires us to wear a bunch of different hats in order to keep our careers afloat. In addition to being a musician, I’m also expected to be a social media manager, website designer, booking agent, tour manager, small business accountant… the list goes on. Sometimes I would find myself going entire days without doing what I truly love… MAKING MUSIC!

That is until Lisa came into the picture. Working with Lisa has revolutionized my day-to-day life as an independent artist and allows me to finally get back to doing what I do best. When we went on our first headlining tour as a band, I couldn’t believe how seamless everything was! Thanks to Lisa our travel itinerary was perfectly in order, easy to follow, and she even helped us save money along the way by advising on when/how to apply airline miles we’d accumulated from previous trips, & fighting to get us a refund when the AC went out in our hotel. AMAZING! I never had to worry about finances during the tour because I knew Lisa was keeping detailed records of every payment from every venue, every shirt sold, price of gear, etc. When we hit the stage at each night, I was able to focus solely on giving my best performance because I knew with confidence that all the “other stuff” was being handled by a true professional. I can’t even begin to describe how invaluable this service has been for me and my team. Thank you Lisa!”

Harry, Musician